I'm Hannah

I create digital art that lifts your mood, puts a smile on your face, and makes the world that little bit brighter.

My creative journey began when (after a few career twists and turns) I was asked what I would do if I could have any job in the world. The answer was simple really: “I would draw every single day”. That’s when I realised the only thing I wanted to do was to create.
I went on to study design, and launched my first collection of positive greeting cards and prints while studying for my BA in Illustration at Swansea College of Art.
Now, I’m lucky enough to do what I love every day as a
full-time illustrator. Alongside running a successful online shop and being a full-time dog mum to my sausage dog, Nola, I get to work with my lovely clients - designing feel- good illustrations, patterns and branding for greeting cards, magazines and products.

There’s beauty to be found in everyday things; a cosy
magic to be found in ordinary moments. And that’s what I like to capture through my illustrations.
I love to draw ordinary people doing ordinary things, and my work is influenced by the little pockets of happiness to be found in everyday life. Nature, self-care, daily rituals, cosy atmospheres, and of course - dogs, are all running themes throughout my work. I want people to see my art and see the real life reflected in it.
My illustrations are a celebration of positivity, colour and everyday joys, and my style invites you into a cosy, light- hearted and happy world. Because sometimes, we all need something a bit silly (like a sausage dog) to make us smile.
That’s what I can do. I can make the world a little bit of a brighter place through my artwork.

To get started on your project, send me an email here.